Dream Log Posts #11 + #12

Dream Log Post #11:

People ran all over the place in a college campus-like area.

Three people being chased by a hoard of zombies ran towards me.

One guy looked familiar, but I didn’t remember him.

Scene changed:

I have no idea where we were, but we weren’t on campus anymore.  Instead there was an old, small red house next to us.  It was one story.  We were in a tree standing on branches high enough where we could see the entire city in the distance.  The top of the tree dipped down like a cup and we were sitting in the cup shape.  The tree had branches sticking out of it at the top near where we were, but there were no branches on the lower levels of the tree.  I have no idea how we got to the top of the tree if there were no lower branches to climb.

The zombies were crowded around the trunk and they continually walked into the tree.

Eventually we somehow came to the conclusion that one of us needed to fall down to the zombies because we’re all starving and then apparently we decided on one guy.  He refused so one of us pushed him out of the tree cup.




Dream Log Post #12:

It was night time and I was walking out of a forest using only the light of the moon to guide me.

I had left the group I’d been traveling with in order to seek some help and/or to scout for more supplies.

Once I reached a house, I tapped my knuckle on the door and then asked in a whisper, “Is anyone home?”

I looked through a small hole in the fabric that covered up a window from the inside and saw an old man very much alive.  He tip-toed away from the door so that he wouldn’t have to answer it.

I glanced to my left.  There was a bunch of firewood stacked unstably.  I kicked one of the logs out from its uneven base.  A loud crash followed.

I said something along the lines of: I can make more noise for the walkers/zombies to hear unless you answer this door.

After a moment, the door opened and he welcomed me inside.

I asked for supplies or medicine or something else of that nature.

He refused at first.

Then he eventually agreed to help, but I didn’t remember why or how.

Then, for some odd reason, we were now magically in a roofless barn on the second floor where millions of walkers were on the first floor.

The old guy shot a shot gun.  He was shooting randomly and nearly hit me multiple times, but he missed every time.

Meanwhile, I swung a crow bar like a sword and it looked like I was having way too much fun beating up the walkers.  I was doing whatever I felt like.

Then I looked up to the moon.  It was a beautiful full moon.

I turned into a wolf like the one from Danny Phantom.

A walker somehow got onto the second floor probably by the ladder that neither of us were guarding.  It bit my arm.

Conveniently, and for some reason, my wolf-ish body was immune to their bites and scratches.

I ripped the walkers’ bodies apart limb from limb all by myself and then looked over my shoulder to find the old man.  I saw him running away and sneaking out the back of the barn.

I thought about stopping him, but then I figured he didn’t matter anymore.

I jumped up towards the sky and now I could apparently fly too.




The Girl of Fire and Thorns Stories (Novellas)–The Shadow Cats by Rae Carson. A Book Review.

Review by: dancingonrain

Her Royal Highness Juana-Alodia de Riqueza is the Crown Princess of Orovalle.  The story begins when she travels to another region in order to discuss and deal with the aftermath from the last war with Invierne.  With her is Lucero Elisa de Riqueza, her sister who is also said to be God’s chosen one.

Alodia blames her father for the current poor state of their region because after the war he turned his back on them.  An alliance between their region and another may be the only way to defeat the common enemy.  Ever since the war, people have split off into three groups: the rich, the poor, and Perditos (bandits).  Within the first few pages we see just how much disconnect between the rich and the poor is effecting daily life.  According to Alodia, with the addition of perditios, a rebellion is knocking on their doorstep.

Alodia wants to end all this strife when she becomes queen.  And she realizes that the most likely way this will happen is if she seeks the help of Paxon, the Conde of another region.  When she receives a wedding invitation from him and Lady Calla, there is no way she is going to decline an opportunity for an alliance, but when disaster strikes at the castle and threatens to cancel the wedding, Alodia will stop at nothing to make sure the marriage engagements proceed.

The Girl of Fire and Thorns Stories by Rae Carson is a series of three novellas including, The Shadow Cats, The Shattered Mountain, and The King’s Guard.  They are prequels to the original Girl of Fire and Thorns Trilogy, which includes, The Girl of Fire and Thorns, The Crown of Embers, and The Bitter Kingdom.

The Shadow Cats did many things well including setting up the main protagonist, the conflict, and Alodia’s different quirks.  On the first few pages, the readers know that Elisa is the naïve sister and Alodia is the skeptical one.  We also already have some insight to the main conflicts.  Instead of dragging the story on and on for pages before the conflict and character motivations are revealed, we know almost immediately the conflicts and the characters and their motivations.

I like many things about this novella, but the aspect I probably enjoy the most from The Shadow Cats is Alodia’s and Zito’s relationship.  And by relationship I mean friendship.  At the beginning I got the sense that Zito is only Alodia’s steward, but by the end of the story, I realize just how close these two really are.  Up until the end of the story, I only saw Zito as a minor side character who didn’t have many layers to himself.  As soon as I read “a eunuch” at the beginning of the story, I thought we would see him self-conscious about some part of that, probably psychological, but we didn’t.  Until the end after he’s attacked in order to help Alodia get away.

When Alodia finds Zito again, another man has destroyed Zito’s eyes, making him blind too.  Alodia defeats Zito’s capturer with nothing more than a large rock and the element of surprise.  When she is close enough to see Zito, he really does look on the verge of death.  Once he realizes it’s her, he tells her to let him die there.  He says now that he’s blind as well as a eunuch he’s even less of a man than he was before.  Just let him die there.

This brings more dimensions to his character in less than five sentences.  And I felt that he was really only a supporting minor character up until that point.  It show us that Zito’s childhood injury still presents a psychological wound even though the injury happened a long time ago.

How Alodia responds and what she says back to him is perfect.  What she tells him brings a smile to his face.  This shows you just how close they are.  At one point, I think it was good for Alodia to convince him to go back to the castle with her, but if he had wanted to die?  What if he had wanted to die anyway even after she had consoled him?  Should he really have been forced to live?  Wouldn’t that make the future harder for them both if he continued to not want live and yet she kept forcing him too?  Still, the reaction and her choice is believable.  And the fact that she was able to convince him that he still had something to live for despite his current circumstances tells us that these two, in the end, really do need each other.

While I haven’t read many novellas, out of the ones I have read, The Girl of Fire and Thorns Stories–The Shadow Cats was well done and it also made me curious about the original series.  I would recommend this novella for anyone interested in a short, fast-paced read.


Dream Log #9 + #10

Dream Log Post #9:

I’m in the middle of defeating a great evil along with a few friends to aid me.

There are three very small and rounded creatures with distinct features.  One creature is green and white and looked almost looked like a frog with a white gemstone in the center of its head.  The second creature is blue with tiny red gemstones all over its body and then one large gemstone in the center of its forehead.  The third creature is a pinkish-purple and blue.  It has one blue tail that splits into two tails.  Each end has a red gemstone in it.

The dream pans over to me and the group of people fighting some kind of evil force, but I don’t remember what it is exactly.  I think we had been winning, but then something happened and now we’re losing.

Out of nowhere these creatures pop in.

The green one morphs into this old, white-bearded man with a mahogany staff that is twisted at the top.  He is dressed in lime green wizard robes with long, flowing sleeves.  He has green eyes and goes around healing people in my group.

The pink/purple and blue one turns into a young female warrior.  She has white armor with pink bits embedded between armor plates.  Her navel is showing and she holds a hilt of a sword, but the blade is made completely of fire.  She charges into battle.

I think some time passed and then the blue creature pops in like the others had through a flash of white light.  The blue creature turns into a young guy with blue hair and blue eyes.  He also wears armor—blue as its base and a white chest plate.  He unsheathes a sword with a wide white/gray blade that kills off a few enemies.  Then he dodges something by doing a backflip.  He hears the pink/purple friend scream.  He mutters a sentence of swear words and then lifts his sword up.  He holds it horizontally with one hand.  With his other hand, he runs it over the blade until his fingertips reach the blade’s tip.

The sword begins to glow blue and then lightning shoots out of its tip.  It goes into the center of the evil dude’s chest and then exits out the back between his shoulder blades.  The evil dude falls off a cliff and dies (I assume).  The blue sword bearer then lifts one foot and presses off with the other.  He sprints at inhuman speed into the sky and then catches the girl just before she falls into a rocky pit.

The scene changes:

Now the pink/purple armored female is carrying the half-dead blue warrior.  She is completely healed and doesn’t have a scratch on her.  She lays him on a flat rock covered in moss.  Close to them the girl’s fire sword is stuck into some other evil dude’s head detached from the rest of his body.  The girl and boy wait for the healer to come.


Dream Log Post #10:

An old man (I think he’s supposed to be my dad, but not the one I have in real life) comes home and then shuts all the shutters/blinds.  My mom (who is also not my mom in real life) asks what’s going on.  I think I also have a younger sibling, but I don’t remember if it was a brother or a sister.  Maybe it was one of each.

My father says we’re under attack from something and that he’s going to go over to a shelter or something to make sure the rest of the village is safe.  For whatever reason me and my younger sibling (s) come with him instead of staying behind like my mother.

We come to the end of a gravel path that leads to a small house with decayed wood and a tatty roof and door.  When we enter, I realize that it is a lot bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.

We’re now in a room with children and no adults, but then a man from another room enters this room through a door because he wants to be with his children.

My father gets angry and tells him to go back into the other room.  The enemy will come if parents are in the same room as their children.  (Yeah, I don’t get it either.  I’m in the same room with him . . . maybe he’s not my actual parent in the dream….  Or maybe it’s just the case for the other man and his family).

The door creeks open and then something that looks like dense smoke crawls into the room making a buzzing noise.

When I look closer, I realize that the smoke consists of many tiny flying and buzzing insects, but they aren’t bees or flies.  They look more like steel-like and yet still, animal-like creatures.  They are made of gold.

My father swears and then does something (I don’t remember what) to clear a path and then suddenly everyone is outside the tattered cabin.  There are now masses of smoked steel insects flying above the forest trees and splitting up into different groups to attack each family.

Suddenly each family is floating on chunks of earth levitating in midair and flying up into the sky.  The steel insects surround everyone.

Now, apparently, I’m flying above everyone and shooting something out of my palms (I don’t remember what).

My sibling (s) is/are doing the same thing (s), but it’s still different than mine.

I’m not sure what happens next other than everyone is back on the ground safe, except now I’m spiraling down to the ground, unconscious.


Dream Log Post #8

There was me and a group of other people.  We were all in a large prison very much like the setup from Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Boiling Rock episode.  It was a prison for people with super powers.

At first it seemed like I was the only normal/non-super-powered prisoner.

For some reason we’re all released outside into a prison courtyard where a man, wearing a blue-green top hot and a blue-green tuxedo and dress pants stands waiting for us.  I think he’s recruiting a rebellion or something.  He shows us that he’s a teleporter.

Some person (Man #1) charges at him and then throws an arm at him, but the top-hat man catches his punch.

Man #1 blinks as if he’s surprised that Top Hat Man caught it.

Top Hat wiggles his index finger while still holding Man #1’s hand with his other and says something like not only is he a teleporter, but he also has the power to suppress other’s abilities when he’s around.  He kills him.  Top Hat then lines everyone in a line, all cuffed to each other.

At the front of the line is a boy that I’m apparently close to (Friend #1).  Top Hat tries to recruit him to his side or something.  Friend 1 spits into his face.  Top Hat grabs a butcher knife out of thin air and then raises it to slice is neck in half, but I somehow wasn’t cuffed up like everyone else.

I tackle Top Hat to the ground.

Two of Top Hat’s goons reach to pull me off, but Friend #1 knocks me out of the way and then tells me to run.  I hesitate at first, but then he clasps my hand with both of his.  I feel a strange tingling sensation run through my palms.  Before I know what happens, he helps me get a head start by kicking me forward and away.

I somehow evade the rest of Top Hat’s cronies and then end up on the top floor of a winding tower with large glass windows.

Then I hear footsteps stampede up the stairs towards me.  I quickly scan my surrounding and I can only think of escaping by climbing out a window.  Right as I’m half way out the window, a croon spots me, yells, and then charges straight towards me.  I lose my balance and fall out and down the window.

I must be thirty stories up.  For some reason I see something that looks like a ghost that also looks like Friend #1.

Now I’m floating midair.

I fly back and then land on the roof above the courtyard.  I peer above a chimney to see Top Hat continue to go down the line, slaughtering people.

I see Friend #1 lying on the ground with a lake of blood around him.

I somehow realize that my Friend #1 knew I had a special ability when I thought I didn’t.  I have come to realization that I can absorb other’s abilities without draining them.  I can absorb more than one ability.

A Hispanic girl towards the end of the line and towards the back spots me and motions me with her head to come to her while constantly glancing back in front of her to make sure Top Hat isn’t looking her way.

“What?” I whisper.

“I can teleport,” she tells me.

“Okay . . . and how does that help us when he suppresses abilities?”

“I’m for Friend #1’s friend.  He told me about your ability to absorb other powers.  If that’s true, then you should have absorbed his power when he caught your fist.”

“His power was to suppress other abilities . . . .”

Girl #1 nods.

“Can you teleport everyone out of here?”

“As long as we all hold hands or are in contact with each other, yes.”

I nod and then glance up to Top Hat slaughtering a child.  I return my attention back to Girl #1.

“I’ll distract him while you pass the word down the line to the others to stay connected.”

She nods and then nods her head toward the boy next to her—must’ve been her younger brother.  He holds his hand out to me.  I glance at Girl #1.

“What’s his power?” I ask.

“You’ll find out,” she says.

I take her little brother’s hand and feel energy run through my body.  I slowly stand and then make my way towards Top Hat.

He turns in my direction and then smirks.  His two goons start to make their way towards me, but he calls them off and motions for me to come closer.

Once I’m around five feet in front of him, he just smiles and waits.

I have no idea what I’m doing, but then I punch him.  He catches my fist, but then his smirk fades and he goes flying across the courtyard.  He lands against the cement wall.

I look at my hands and then glance back to Girl #1 and her brother.  Her brother apparently had super strength.  I nod to them and then she teleports everyone.

They all begin to disappear down the line.

The boy behind me grabs my shoulder so I don’t get left behind.

We end up in the middle of a field and I’m beside Girl #1.

We officially introduce ourselves.  She tells me that she wasn’t able to get everyone back and that she’s going back to get the others.  I tell her I’ll go with her.

We teleport back.

She grabs the hand of a person at the end of the line.

I glance over my shoulder.

Just as Girl #1 teleports everyone back, Top Hat grabs onto a boy at the end and then teleports back with us.




Dream Log Post #7:

I had a dream that me and a friend were running in the middle of the night by a highway.  We were carrying a dead man’s body in two large black trash bags.  I was lugging the body and my friend was carrying the guy’s head.

A creeper guy approaches us, stops us, and then attacks us.  I throw him over my back and then break his arm.  We leave him on the side of the street.

My friend and I bolt to an older mustang car that appears out of nowhere.  My friend hops into the driver’s seat while I dump the body into the second row seat.

Before I get into the passenger’s seat, I glance over the rooftop of the car and see a police car across the street from us.  I get into the passenger seat and then tell my friend to “step on it.”

We don’t get far.

I tell my friend to let me handle it.

I get out of the car and then say, “good evening officer, nice night for a drive, isn’t it?”

He questions what we are carrying into the car.

I begin to tell this elaborate story about how my family member’s been lynched and we were headed to the hospital.

I know the dead guy’s head was chopped off at the beginning of the dream, but somehow it sewed itself back onto the rest of his body.

The policeman shines a flashlight (that appears out of thin air) towards the window.  He sees the mutilated person, who is twitching and apparently alive again.

I could feel the tension that my friend felt and then she pulled on some “water works.”  She tells the policeman that we’re wasting our time being here.  Can’t he see that the guy in our backseat is dying?

The policeman says he’ll escort us to the nearest hospital.

I get back into the car as my friend turns on the car and then starts driving again.

“Got ‘em,” I say (whatever that’s supposed to mean).


Dream Log Post #5 + #6

Dream Log Post #5:

I was somewhere in the middle of a room with four other people.  I don’t remember their race, gender, etc.

We were fighting against a boss-villain.

Enemy minions start to attack us.  They shoot something at us and then there’s a flash of light.

Once the light has died down, my comrades and I have these green tentacle things dangling from our foreheads.  There’s an eye on our foreheads where the tentacles are attached.

We start to attack each other.

I don’t remember what happens next, but now we’re up on a street sidewalk and those tentacle things are off of us.  We start to attack the enemy together again.

I think we beat the enemy because then we look up into the sky to the stars.  Everything is peaceful, but then a flaming UFO falls from the sky.  It crashes before us and then green aliens ascend to the sky, making their own communication noises.


Dream Log Post #6:

I’m running from evil people and come to a deserted red building.  Some of the red bricks have decayed, but the building still stands.

I go inside and find the man I’ve been looking for.  We hide and wait until the chasers pass.

Once it turns dark, we sneak up to another deserted building.

We open the creaking door and then step inside.

Footsteps echo as they approach us.

We tip-toe-run across the building where there are stairs and then windows before them.

We hop out the windows just as the footsteps reach us.

The man with me is crouched just below the window and I’m crouched underneath another window a few feet away from him.

The pursuer opens the window just above him.  He closes his eyes.

I jump into the window a few feet away and then make a thumping sound as I land inside.

The pursuer stops opening the window, turns, and heads in the direction of the thumping noise I just made instead.

I quickly hop back out the window closest to me and come back to my ally’s side.  Together we enter the window and carefully run up the stairs.


The scene changes:

There’s a man that has a small girl tied up and he is torturing her.

When he turns his back to her, she rips herself out of the rope around her that she’d untied while he was preoccupied with torturing her.  She lunges at him and then kicks him in the nuts.  She does some martial art moves, punches him, and then kicks him some more.

He catches her foot, twists it, and then breaks it.  He says something to her and then she yells something back while glaring at him.

He forces her to the ground, takes a blade and then begins cutting her legs off just below the knees.

She screams and then blood continues to gush out of her dismembered legs.

My ally and I burst through the door.

The creepy man does something to my male companion.  I don’t remember what, but he’s not beside me anymore.  Maybe he was pushed out the window.

I attack the man, but then the scene changes and I’m tied up on the floor next to the girl.  My hands are tied to my side so they’re fairly close to my knees.  I’m wearing long-ish shorts that cover my knees.

The man stands, walks over to the window while holding his hands behind him, and then starts monologing about something.

He walks over to me, kneels, takes his knife, and then prepares to cut through my legs below my knees.

He stabs the knife below my knee that’s covered by my shorts and something sprays out and hits him square in the eyes.

He screams and stumbles backwards.

The other girl hops up and hides behind a couch.  Apparently she’s just grown a new pair of legs.

I lift up my shorts to above my knees which reveals packages of acid that’re attached to my knees by duct tape.

I somehow free myself from the rope, stand, grab the man, and then push him towards the window where he trips over one of his contraptions and then he falls out the window.

Me and the girl look out the window and see that he’s fallen and cracked his skull on the sidewalk with blood oozing out.

We look slightly to our right and see my man partner holding onto the ledge of the window.  We help him up.




Dream Log Post #4


There are two people in a car.  In the passenger seat there is a cyborg.

There is another person driving and he is mostly human, but has a few parts made of metal, but he is still mostly skin.  The cyborg is mostly metal.

The car is attacked by some sci-fi airborne machine.

The cyborg got out of the car and then I think he ran away.

The other person rolls out of the car and then uses a machine gun to stop the machine.  Millions more machines come so he makes a run for it too.


Later, at my house, the metal arm guy and some old man are there.  I think he’s supposed to be my dad or grandpa figure.  The cyborg is nowhere to be found and we don’t see him again.

There’re loud noises that come from outside.  All of us crowd around the window and then we find there’s a huge flying saucer.  I think it’s supposed to be some sort of UFO.

Apparently Grandpa is part of an organization that fights aliens.  He presses a button on the side of the fireplace and then a bunch of machinery flips over from the other side.  He goes out and prepares to battle off the alien invasion.

Meanwhile Metal Arm grabs my wrist and then pulls me out the back door.  We run down a shortcut path from my house to escape.

We’ve been running for a while down pitch black streets.

Metal Arm tackles me to the ground and then tells me to stay down and be quiet.

We’re behind a bunch of bushes, but below are some holes where the bark is bare of leaves.  We watch clusters of feet approach the area in the road.  The bushes are behind the sidewalk and the feet are on the other side.

We see aliens and they talk in their native tongue that we don’t understand.  We also see a bunch of humans’ handcuffed together in a line.  The second one in line is Grandpa.

The aliens continue to talk in their tongue.

An alien uses a ray gun to zap the first person in line.  That person turns into a man-eating machine/robot.  The alien points the ray gun to Grandpa.

I think I start to scream at them, but Metal Arm covers my mouth.


The scene fades to black and then changes:

We’re now in front of a stadium, a football one, I think.

A gigantic UFO is levitating above the stadium.

The aliens are capturing more humans using a large suction ray that spits light at the bottom of the UFO.  When it zaps anyone, it turns them into robots.  The aliens are making an army of robots.

People run away from the stadium, screaming and falling over each other.

I see Grandpa.  I think he’s already transformed into a robot/machine.  I don’nt know how I recognized him.

I break away from Metal Arm, who calls after me, saying something along the lines of: “what’re you doing, idiot?”

I reach for Grandpa.  He points a gun (that is his hand) at me.  I move around it and hug him.

After a few moments, Metal Arm catches up to us.

Grandpa drops his arms.

Lights surround him in a beautiful and epic, but also cheesy way, and then he turns completely human again.

He embraces me and then mutters, “thank you,” multiple times.

I think I ball out of joy that he’s back to normal.

Apparently the hug magic turned the gun that was his hand into a serum that’ll turn everyone back from robots/alien slaves back into normal humans.

We load a few guns with the serum and then Grandpa tells Metal Arm and me to stay here to cure the robot-changed-humans that still wander on earth.

Now there’re other humans that have come out of hiding and are now fighting against the alien forces with the serum at their disposal.

Grandpa says he’s going on the ship to take the alien “bosses” down.

Metal Arm and I both protest, but he won’t listen.

The UFO is about to take off.

Grandpa hops onto the walk on platform as it starts to lift up into the sky and close.

Metal Arm and I glance at each other and then to the other humans fighting and curing everyone else.  We look back up to the closing walking platform, smile, and then jump up onto and through the door on the UFO just before it closes.