Dream Log Posts #14 + #15

Dream Log Post #14:

I was with three other friends and we were running away from a large hoard of zombies.

All of a sudden Friend #1 pointed and then yelled, “Aaaaaaaaaa-Aligator zombies!”  And then he sprint away from everyone else while he kicked dust clouds in our faces.

We ran for a little while longer and then I decided, then and there, that I didn’t want to run anymore.  So, without telling anyone else, I lied down on the ground and then curled up into the fetal position.

Friend #2 yelled at me something along the lines of: what’re you doing, Stupid?

I told her that it was nap time and then I go to sleep.

Friend #2 and Friend #3 kept running and then Friend #2 randomly disappeared into thin air in a puff of white smoke.

The zombies ignored me taking a nap on the ground in front of them and continue to chase Friend #3 up a tree.




Dream Post #15:

I don’t remember much from this dream.

There were trains traveling on tracks above the ground.

I stopped outside an old rock music store that had a bunch of red graffiti on its outer walls.

I looked towards the beach.  What looked like just a spat between some people at first turned out to be something more than that.

I got fed up with the abandoned rock store and then ran towards the beach and ocean to see what the commotion was about.  I then headed to the train station on the beach.

Demons infected the beach and ocean and everyone that was in the location had to now fight their way out.

The scene changed to the inside of a cave.

One girl stood on a rock in the middle of a lake holding a sword horizontally.  She was petite and had medium length, thin black hair.  She fought aerial and water demons with magic and her sword.






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