Yotsubato! (Yotsuba&!) by Kiyohiko Azumi Volumes 1-3 Review

Review by: dancingonrain


Yotsuba is a five year old girl who just moved into a new home with her adoptive father Yousuke Koiwai with the help of his friend, Jumbo.  Yotsuba is overly enthusiastic about everything and doesn’t understand normal things most girls her age already do such as doorbells, air conditioners, escalators, and much, much more.  The story often centers on Yotsuba and her father’s daily interactions with their neighbors, three sisters, Asagi, Fuuka, Ena, and their mother and friends.  While this series has no continuing plot and is mainly Yotsuba living her daily life through discovery, this is perhaps the most adorable series I have ever read.

When I first heard that it was basically a girl going through her day-to-day life, I was skeptical I would like it, because, after all, reality where there’s not climax and nothing real intense happens tend to bore me.  I am surprised at just how much I am enjoying this series.  Not only is Yotsuba adorable, but the story itself is also entertaining, and by that I mean funny and random.  There was one point where Yotsuba’s dad puts his underpants on his head and then yells: I am Pants Man.  And then he proceeds to chase Yotsuba around the house, both of them temporarily forgetting that they have a guest.

There was another funny moment where Yotsuba spent the day catching Cicadas with her father’s friend, Jumbo, and their neighbor Ena.  When they were finished, they returned to Ena’s home where her mom was and asked them how it went.  Yotsuba told her that they caught a lot and then opened the cage where they had kept all the cicadas they’d caught.  The bugs flew all over the inside of the house, much to Ena’s mother’s dismay, and then they had to spend the remainder of the day recapturing all the cicadas.  These are just two of the many funny and/or random moments throughout the series.

As the stories unfold, we find tid bits about Yotsuba’s previous life, although, it’s not much.  We’re only told that she didn’t have a mother and that Yotsuba had been abandoned.  Yousuke left to a different country for some time, found her, and then ended up adopting her and bringing her back with her.  With where I am in the story, I don’t know if they’ll reveal more about this in later chapters, but I hope we learn more.  If we don’t, I think that would be realistic as people with closed adoptions at her age know very little about their biological parents, but as a reader it would be nice to have at least some closer so we know.

Anyway, if you’ve been feeling down recently, I would suggest reading some of this series.  It will definitely bring a smile to your face.



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