Alice 19th by Yuu Watase Volume 2 Review

Review by: dancingonrain.


Alice Seno and Kyo Wakamiya return in the second volume to release Mayura, Seno’s sister, from Mara (darkness) in her inner heart. The volume begins with the introduction of a new character, a European foreigner and more experienced Lotus Master, Frei (or Frey).  He is comical, a flirt, and a “kissing-whore” who is set on the idea to make Alice his wife.  Together, the three of them, with the guidance of the magical bunny Nyozeka, learn more about what it means to be a Lotus Master.  With Mayura missing, Alice and Kyo’s classmates begin to talk and spread rumors such as—how can they be spending so much time together when Mayura is missing?  How could they do that to Mayura now that she’s missing? Etc.  Throughout the volume Alice and Kyo learn more about one another and their relationships with others.

While I feel this volume was mostly an in-between book to set up the following volumes, I still enjoyed it.  We get the opportunity to see how Alice interacts with characters other than her sister and Kyo.  We also see that she starts to stand up for herself more than she had in the first volume.  The depth of the characters develops even more and the relationships continue to grow.  I found very little wrong with this volume (much like the first) so I’ll just nitpick a little.

While Frei is  a highly amusing and fun character to balance Alice and Kyo’s lower-key personalities, I wasn’t sure how to feel about him going around kissing them at first.  At one end of the spectrum his flirtatious behavior with everyone (and I mean everyone) is hilarious, but then I remembered that in the first volume, a character named Tatsuya had forced himself on Alice.  Of course, Frei is never on the threatening scale that Tatsuya was.  Still, I thought she would have trusted him slower than she did, especially because he isa complete stranger off the street who kisses her out of the blue.  In the end, it appears that Frei is trustworthy and a useful ally and when it’s clear the characters trust him and that his antics are actually pretty harmless, I enjoyed him too.

And a good thing too.  Who doesn’t enjoy fun characters like that?