Alice 19th by Yuu Watase Volume 7 (Last) Review

Review by: dancingonrain.


The battle to save Mayura from Darva concludes.  Alice, Kyo, and the other Sacred Lotus Guides must face a god of death before reaching Darva and Mayura.  The god of death plays with Kyo and we find out what really happened to Kyo’s father those many years back.  Despite Kyo starting to fall into darkness, Alice frees him and then he defeats the god of death.  Finally have confronting and dealing with his hatred for his father, the mark that Mayura had placed on him a few volumes ago vanishes, but it’s intentionally left unclear if it was because Kyo had had closure with his father or if Mayura, still engulfed by Darva, removed it from him instead.

If Mayura did remove the mark from Kyo, that’s character development for her.  The entire series has been based on her jealousy and hurt feelings that Kyo chose to be with Alice instead of her and if she was the one that actually removed the mark from Kyo, then that means she finally realizes that Alice loves him more than she ever had or could.  A sign that her greed and jealousy is dissipating and that if Alice and Kyo save her, things could return to normal.  Even before the curse had been embedded into Kyo, although Alice wanted to move forward with him, she also didn’t want to continue to hurt Mayura so if her sister couldn’t accept Alice with Kyo when things returned to normal, Alice didn’t think it would ever work.  If Mayura did remove the remark, that would mean that Alice could be with Kyo without feeling guilty too.  But whether or not she did remove the mark, she realizes that Alice loves Kyo more and we see her regret what she’s done to them right before Darva completely consumes her and then takes on its true form.

One of the parallels between Alice and Kyo presented in this volume was how Kyo’s father died.  As a child and tired of being abused by him and blaming his father for killing his mother, Kyo wishes for his father to die.  The god of death told him that even back then the power of darkness within him was strong and that he would have made an excellent Maram master, but now he’s a Lotus master, how pathetic.  It’s understandable that Kyo starts to give into the despair, but Alice brings him back out of his trance and then together they defeat the god of death.  Likewise, there was a point where Nyozeka sacrifices herself to save Alice and Frey, Chris, Billy, and Mei Lin got tied up and defeated.  At this point, Alice drops to her knees with the dead bunny in her arms and freezes.  Kyo tries to snap her out of it, but he can’t.  So he runs straight into Darva to get Mayura alone.  Only after he’s gone does Alice come back to her senses.  Kyo got Mayura out and back to Alice, but now he is trapped inside Darva instead.

Alice loses everything for a moment, but then runs straight towards Darva and then single handedly pushes it back, more determined to save all of her friends.  Once she and Kyo are reunited, together they defeat the darkness being.  To be honest, if Alice from the first few volumes ago had been faced with the same circumstances, I’m not sure what would have happened.  Alice had proven time and time again that she will do anything for her friends so even if it had been in the first or second volume, she still might have stood up and fought, however, she also probably wouldn’t have had the confidence she did now and may have given up sooner.

One thing that I don’t understand was what was the point of bringing other characters like Chris, Billy, and Mei Lin, into play?  No offense to them, but they don’t do too much during this battle, except get captured a lot.  And I don’t think they really added much.  The only thing they did was save Alice and Kyo from some of Mayura’s attack attempts a few volumes ago, which Frey and Nyozeka could have done.  They did not do much for the final battle arc.  If the point was to show them that this Darva problem was growing all over the world, Watase could have simply had Frey say something like he’s had contact with other Sacred Guides and they’ve told him it was a worldwide threat.  I could have just been Alice, Nyozeka, Kyo, and Frey that went after Mayura and took on Darva and it would have been the same story and outcome.

But overall, this series was well done.  One of the great things about this series is that it’s only seven volumes long.  If you wanted to finish it in a day, you could.  Eight-some years later, I still enjoy it as much as I did back then.  I would recommend it to anyone that’s interested.  I was so immersed in the world that I forgot that I live in boring reality.