Alice 19th Vol. 3 Review


Review by: dancingonrain


Alice, Kyo, Frei, and Nyozeka continue to search for Mayura to bring her back home and out of evil’s clutches.  When Alice finally comes face to face with her, Mayura agrees to return with them.  But Alice soon finds out that things are not as they seem.  Mara (darkness) is wearing her sister’s face.  And Mayura refuses to let anyone but herself have Kyo.  Alice and company have succeeded in bringing her home, but with Mayura’s heart completely consumed by darkness and Frei shedding light on his real intentions for popping into their lives, Alice and Kyo’s mission to eradicate the worlds’ inner hearts from darkness is far from over.

The further I get into this series, the more I realize that Mayura doesn’t actually love Kyo.  It would might be possible for it to be one sided love and her desperation could prove that she really does love him, but I think she’s overly infatuated with him.  Time and time again we see that Alice and Kyo truly care about one another whereas Mayura seems to be under the impression that she can force Kyo to like her if she pushes her sister out of the way.  There is one line she says, “I went to a lot of trouble to make him like me.”

Sweetie, if you have try that hard to make someone like you, then you’re trying too hard and the chances of that actually working out in the long run are low.  You can’t force someone to like you unless it’s through blackmail or other, magical means.  But even then it wouldn’t be genuine love.  If you truly love a person, forcing them into something against their free will is never an option to success.  She belittles Alice for never taking action like she did with a “I saw him first” attitude, but I think Alice’s “soft love” is a much better portrayal of what actual love should be rather than Mayura’s “If I can’t have him, no one can,” mind set.

Mayura has been given everything in her life and the one time she may not receive what she wants, she blames the world around her and throws a pity party.  Yes, she is consumed by mara at this point, but even before she was and even if Alice had never wished for her to disappear, I still feel things would have gone a similar way.  Mayura has gotten everything she’s ever asked for and so she acts entitled to Kyo too.  No one is entitled to anything from anyone.  The fact that I’m frustrated with her as an antagonist and how much I like all the protagonists so far shows just how well done the plot and characters are.  While she annoys me, I can also understand where she’s coming from, however misplaced her behavior may be.

All the characters are believable.  There are shallow people like Mayura, soft-spoken and caring people like Alice and Kyo, and then flirtatious, lovable morons (who can also be serious when the situation calls for it) like Frei in real life.  There are no perfect characters in this series and there are no characters devoid of emotions.  That makes them all relatable and entertaining.