HELP! for Writers: 210 Solutions to the Problmes Every Writer Faces by Roy Peter Clark Book Review

Review by: dancingonrain.


HELP! for Writers: 210 Solutions to the Problems Every Writer Faces is a great tool to add to your bookcase.  While I did read this book cover to cover, it’s also the type where if you’re only having difficulty with a specific area, you could skip to that certain section and only read that.

This book is not just a list of strategies, it is interactive.  It shows you how and what it means through detailed explanations, examples, and even some exercises.  I found a lot of the strategies useful and it helped me decide which direction I wanted to take a story.  This book is not just for people interested in writing stories.  The information and tactics described are also meant to help a student who needs help to organize his or her thoughts with an academic essay.

What I found the most useful for where I am in my current writing journey was his advice of how to cut down material when you had too much or when you had so many ideas, but you didn’t know which ones were the most important.  He helps you decide which ideas and information would actually benefit your current work the most.

I particularly found the sections about beginnings, middles, and ends useful and insightful.  This book is a good one to keep in your bookcase as a reference whenever you have difficulties with a certain aspect of your writing.  If you truly want to invest in and read this cover to cover, go ahead, but if you also want to just read a specific section and not the entire book, you could also go and do just that at a bookstore.  Either way, I hope it helps you further your writing journey like it has done for me.