The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing: A 16 step program gaurenteed to take you from idea to completed manuscript by Evan Marshall Book and Computer Software Review


Book: The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing: A 16 set program gaurenteed to take you from idea to completed manuscrip

Computer Software: Novel Writing Software–The Marshall Plan

Review by: dancingonrain

This book is exactly as its title suggests.  I read it once a few years ago and then again last month.  It’s still as useful as it was the first time I read it.  The author is a publisher so not only do you get advice on how to writer your book, you also get some advice about how to go about finding publishers and editors and what they usually do and do not look for in a book.  The book not only has good information, but it also has blank worksheets so that you can photocopy as many as you like to help you plan your novel.  The Marshall Plan has other books including a workbook (where it has more worksheets than the previous book listed) and another book more specific to getting published.

These books are great tools to help you out, but there is also a newer The Marshall Plan computer software you can download.  It’s basically the same thing.  The books have a little more detail in them, but the computer program has set up all the worksheets for you in an organized fashion so if you prefer to have that instead of millions of worksheet papers flying around on your desk, this program can help you keep everything a little organized.  The downloadable program does cost money, but I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and think it’s worth it.  The program is more to help you plan out your novel rather than to write it.  You’d probably use microsoft word to actually write the novel, but the program has helped me organize my characters and ideas better.  You choose a word count, a “suppose,” and then the program will structure the layout for you so you don’t have to.  It does give you room to do your own structuring and point of view character uses towards the end of the beginning, the entire middle, and the end of the end so you’re not completely tied to one way of outlining the entire time.  I’ve actually found this program more helpful, especially for longer works, than Scrivener, but both programs still have their uses.

Either way, if you’re an aspiring author or writer of any kind, I would highly recommend both the books and the program.  😀  !