Writing Fantasy: The 100 Top Strategies for Writing Fantasy Stories by Blaine Hart (Audible) Review

Review by: dancingonrain.



The title implies what the book/audiobook is about.  While the title may make the book seem like it’s just a list of strategies, it’s more than that.  I love writing fantasy, but I’ve noticed that most instructional or “self-help” books are catered more towards the literary fiction side.  Even though I don’t have a problem with literary fiction help books because some of the advice can also apply to writing any genre, I’ve also found that instructional books for specifically writing fantasy have been scarce.  It was nice that this one finally popped up in my recommendations lists.

This book/audiobook is the book I didn’t know I needed.  It’s more than just a list of strategies, it also gives you examples and some exercises for you to do.  It gives you advice for more than just one way of doing things.  Lately I’ve realized that you can read as many self-help books for writing, but in the end, there really are no real rules or guidelines.  You just have to find what works best for you.  This books gave you advice on multiple topics from help with world building to characters.

There were some things it said that I already knew, but there was also a good amount of new information I learned.   I had listened to this book while I was driving, so, one of these weekends I’ll probably sit down with it at a desk and try some of the advice.  If anyone is interested in writing fantasy, I would suggest checking this book out.  Whether you learn something new or how to make a small tweak to your current routine or methods, I think you’ll find it worth the purchase.