Dream Log Post #1

*NOTE: Yes, this was an actual dream of mine.  No, I’m not making it up.  😀


I was trapped in an indoor pool that had thick glass windows and a glass ceiling that everyone could look into from the lake and patio outside.

A boy, who I think was supposed to be my brother, was with me.  He was about six or seven years old. I’m not sure what my age was.

Inside there were mostly children and teenagers.  Outside there were mostly adults.  Lifeguards monitored both the pool and the lake.

Everyone was having a fun time and then a kraken appeared in the lake.  It coiled its large tentacles around the outside of the pool’s walls and roof.

There were screams and people fleeing everywhere, except for the adults that had some children stuck inside the pool with me.  (Don’t remember how they got separated).

My brother attached himself to my leg and hid behind me.  So did some other children so much that they almost made me fall down.

I told them to stay close and then inched towards the doors where the adults screamed for their family members trapped on the other side.

The kraken then withdrew its tentacles, but then slammed them through the glass, shattering it.  It then shot one of its tentacles directly at me.  I brought my hands up over my face and closed my eyes.  When I opened my eyes, there was a large, thick ball of water around me, my brother, and the rest of the children that was protecting us from the flying debris and the rest of the flailing tentacles.

My brother pointed to my hands.  There was a turquoise humming and vibrating haze surrounding them.  I moved them one way, the water ball moved in the same direction.  I moved them the other way, the water ball followed.  We were all able to somehow breathe while encased in this water sphere.

I whirled my hands in a circular motion and then smashed the water ball, with everyone inside it, against a standing glass wall.  The glass shattered and then the water sphere broke as we all fell outside and landed on the ground, unharmed.

Parents and other separated family members clustered around us.  Some thanked me while others gave me a look like I was the devil.

Our parents were nowhere to be found.

The kraken disappeared back into the depths of the lake.

A man spoke on some intercom system.  He told us he was the leader of the facilities and surrounding area and that everyone is to return to their homes, grab what they need, and then evacuate the premises ASAP.

As we headed home, we ran into a group of two boys and a little girl.  One of the boys was about my age, tall, and slightly overweight.

We froze and stared at each other.  He snickered and then shoved past me.

I felt a small spark of fire zap me from his skin.  The other two of his companions ignored us and then followed their friend down the wooden stairs.

The structure of the homes were wooden docks and wooden homes.

My brother and I started to enter our temporary vacation home, but then we heard screams in the distance.

I glanced through a space between the homes.  The kraken returned, but this time it’s not trying to kill people.  This time it was trapping them in a water prison.

I heard the voice of the leader of the village above on the intercom say that everyone should drop all their belongings and just evacuate instead.  They should not return until after summer when the lake will have begun to dry up.

An idea hit me and then I turned around.  I see the other group we just passed never made it down the stairs because they had stopped to watch the kraken attack too.

“Hey guys!” I called.  I placed one of my hands on the railing at the top of the stairs and then waved with my free one.  I leaned over and then said, with a smile, “I’ve got an idea.”

I raced away from the railing, grabbed my brother’s wrist, and then he followed me.

The other group exchanged glances with each other and then the oldest one, the guy who had shoved into me earlier (we’ll call him Stupid Head), sighed and then began to follow after me.

After they caught up to us, we were on a high tower, scoping out the surroundings.

“Mind telling me what this great idea of yours is?” Stupid Head asked.

“He (the leader person) said that it would be safe to return in the summer after the lake has dried up.”

“Yeah, so?”

“Well you control fire, don’t you?” I asked.

He raised his eyebrows and then widened his eyes as if enlightened, “oh, that’s right.”

“Yeah, but he also controls darkness, which could be bad if he gets out of control,” some person said as he joined us up top.  It was the leader.

“And I control water and light,” I said, and then pointed to my brother, “and he controls lightning.  Don’t you think it’s worth a shot?”

Leader sighed, but then nodded and then left us alone.

I returned my attention to the others.  “You, me, and my brother can dry up the lake and then kill the kraken.”

“Uh-huh, but another time,” Stupid Head replied and then pointed to the lake.

The kraken has disappeared again.

“Until then I suggest that we rest—” Stupid Head started to say.

“But we haven’t done anything yet,” my brother said, “why would we need to rest?”

Stupid Head glared at him.

The dream skipped and now we now all looked as if we were about three years older.

We eventually all agreed with Stupid Head and then went back to his home because it was further away from the lake and therefore safer.

I passed one of their rooms and then saw the little girl that had been with them, crying hysterically.  Stupid Head and the other guy were with her.  I knocked on the open doorway.

Apparently the little girl was Stupid Head’s little sister.

She was scared and carrying on about how she doesn’t want to lose him because she’s already lost someone else.  He comforted her, saw me, but then pretended he didn’t, and then returned his attention to his little sister.  He stayed with her until she fell asleep peacefully.


The next day we heard the kraken’s roars and then we all raced to the lake.

I created an orb of white-gold light in one hand and in the other a ball of water.

Stupid Head created two red-orange fireballs in each of his palms.

My brother sent lightning out of his hands as if he held a whip of lightning.  He shot small bolts out of his feet and then flew up into the sky.  Then, at an inhuman speed, charged at the kraken.

The battle began.

—The dream ends.—