Dream Log Post #13

I don’t remember how the dream started, but I was running down a hall.  I have no idea where the location/city was.

The scene changed:

Some guy in a large, extremely fancy and prestigious lecture hall sat in the front row.  He wore casual clothing while the rest of the class all wore formal clothing.

His phone lit up.  He checked it while the professor’s back was to the class.   He swore under his breath and then began to pack up his belongings.  As he walked across and in front of the room to leave, the lady professor with red, old librarian glasses stopped him.  She asked where he thought he was going.

I don’t remember (or even think I heard) what the guy said, but the professor kept telling him to sit back down.  She was getting more annoyed by the minute while he insisted he had to leave.

I then stumbled into the room on the upper floor platform and then blurt at the top of my lungs, “His mom just died!”

His eyes met mine and then he turned back around to face the lady professor to play the part of the grieving son.

The lady professor let him leave.

When he finally met up, he asked what time it was.

I don’t remember what I said, but when we turned around the corner, there were a bunch of shadow, small flying creatures and with them were larger, grounded creatures with yellow, glowing eyes that looked like lasers.

We fought them.

And apparently gravity didn’t always apply here . . . or physics in general.

Once we got to the end of the hall, we heard and felt this very loud and heavy sound/vibration.  We glanced over our shoulders and saw a very large and dense shadowy-silhouette-like creature.  It charged at us with shocking speed for its size.  Every one of its steps shook the ground.

We thought it was going to charge through us, but instead it raised its shadow hands.  Small suns came out of them and then flew towards us.

The guy swore and then yelled my name.  He grabbed and then wrapped his arms around me to use his body to shield me.  He turned his back to the attack.

As the miniature exploding suns create impact, a huge shield of rock came out of the guy’s back.  His body turned into a tan rock.  He told me to go.

I ran.  He followed as his body turned back to normal.

I bumped into some other guy (Guy #2) as I ran around the corner.

Guy #2 fell onto his back and then I fell on top of him.

I groaned “sorry” and then stood, but he only laughed, amused.

We start to discuss our next plan of action while we run.

When we finally come to a stop, Guy #2 glanced around the corner to see the exit.  He told us that it was clear to go, but then we heard a sound from in front of us.

A little girl was just thrown against the wall further down the hallway from another connecting to the one we were in.

A gang of shadow monsters made their move towards her.

Guy #1 and #2 argue about whether or not we have the time to help her and get out to safety.

While they argued, I ran around them and then sprint towards the girl.

Guy #1 yelled for me to wait, but then he placed his fingertips on one of his temples, closed his eyes, and then sighed, aggravated.

Guy #2 is basically like “Sweet” and then followed after me.

Guy #1 followed after us, grumbling under his breath.

As the larger creature raised its fist up to pound down on the little girl, I flew into the air and then kicked it against the other wall.

I asked her if she was okay.

She nodded tacitly.

The two guys came up behind me and then continued to fight the other smaller creatures without really trying.

They reached me.

Guy #1 said something to me along the lines of: a little warning next time.

Guy #2 said something to him along the lines of: you should be used to it by now.


I don’t remember what happened next.


The next scene was the three of us and the little girl (probably the one we just saved) fighting monsters off a cliff.

The hug sun-throwing creature is back and right as Guy #1 is about to make contact with the creature, the other girl appeared out of nowhere and then stabbed him in his arm, broke one of his legs close to the knee, his other arm, and then kicked him across the terrain (I have no idea how, but whatever, I’m going to call her Blockhead).

Guy #2 charged at Blockhead, but she simply disappeared and then reappeared right in front of him.  She kneed him in the abdomen and then placed one of her palms on his forehead.

Guy #2 exploded into a million pieces.

I was too busy dodging the small exploding suns to do anything.

The exploding sun creature returned its attention to Guy #1 when he sent a bunch of rock shards flying at it.

The dream skipped.

We now we had the upper hand temporarily, but then Guy #1 is knocked out and very close to the edge of the cliff.

For some reason Blockhead has gotten really weak and it looked like I somehow beat her up.  And then I somehow managed to pick her up with one arm and then toss her and her creature across the terrain.

I set up some sort of force field around Guy #1 and then Blockhead and her creature blew up together.

When everything had cleared from the explosion, I held onto a small weak vine that hanged out of the cliff, or what was left of the cliff.

I was half-conscious.

Before I realized it, my hands slipped and then the vine broke.

I started to fall, but Guy #1 caught my wrist with his arm that still has a knife buried deep into it.

Blood trickled down from his wound and then slowly dripped a rain of blood onto my cheeks as I looked up to him.

The more he pulled me up with the arm, the more the wound teared.  Blood fell onto my face.

He finally got me back up to what was left of the cliff and then the ground crumbled beneath us and we both fell down into darkness.