Dream Log Post #3

There are two girls.  One has medium length blond hair and the other has dark brown hair.

The blond haired girl was a normal person, but the brown haired person was a model.

The dream starts off with two normal people sitting on different park benches eating their lunches.  When they each start on their way home, their paths collide somehow.

The scene fades to a black screen and then the next day (I’m guessing) the brown-haired model wakes up, but now the blond haired girl is also sharing the brown haired model’s body.  Two bodies in one.

The dream is through the eyes of which girl (blond or brown haired) is in control of the body at the moment.

They are at the model’s house.

Someone enters her house.  Some guy.  I think it was the brunette model’s boyfriend.

The blond girl is in control of the model’s body at the moment.  The boyfriend as well as anyone else in the future can only see the model and not the blond girl.

Then the blond girl in control attacks the boyfriend.  She smashes his head against the wall and then takes a chainsaw out of a dresser drawer and then starts to cut him into pieces.

The brunette model sees what’s going on and is somehow pleading for the blond girl in control to stop, but she’s ignored and then the boyfriend eventually lies dead on the ground.

Apparently the fight was fought all the way from inside the house to outside.

They hear sirens in the distance and then look to find citizens, policeman, firefighters, paramedics, and hospital cars below a large, wide sky scraper, though I’m not sure why, because it seemed in perfectly good condition.

Apparently the model’s house, which was originally in a secluded area, is right across from the large skyscraper.  The skyscraper may have been a mall, but I don’t remember.

Now the brunette model is not sharing the same body as the blond haired girl, but the blond haired girl is still in control of the model’s body.  The brunette has her own, separate body, but it’s still not her own.

She watches the blond girl, still in her body, fly up into the sky and then towards the skyscraper, raise her hands, and then blow up the building somehow.

Now the brunette model is able to return to her original body as well as the blond haired girl.


Apparently they’re friends now and are working together.  I think that the blond girl turned good, but is still being hunted by officials.  Both girls are running from the police for a couple of days.

Now I’m not longer in third person view.  I’m in the brunette model’s point of view.

The blond girl and I run into what looks like an old building on the outside, but on the inside looks newly remodeled.

On the ground floor of the building, there are many citizens in the middle of a brawl.

A friend of mine is there.  He’s standing over in a corner near a locked door, watching the brawl.

I go over to him.

He opens the locked door to the many flights of stairs and then gives me his ID and another key to unlock a door at the top of the building.

I sprint up the stairs.

The brunette asks my friend where I went and he tells her.  She follows after me.

My friend goes back to watching people inside the building kill each other.

The brunette meets up with me right before I unlock the door.