Dream Log Post #4


There are two people in a car.  In the passenger seat there is a cyborg.

There is another person driving and he is mostly human, but has a few parts made of metal, but he is still mostly skin.  The cyborg is mostly metal.

The car is attacked by some sci-fi airborne machine.

The cyborg got out of the car and then I think he ran away.

The other person rolls out of the car and then uses a machine gun to stop the machine.  Millions more machines come so he makes a run for it too.


Later, at my house, the metal arm guy and some old man are there.  I think he’s supposed to be my dad or grandpa figure.  The cyborg is nowhere to be found and we don’t see him again.

There’re loud noises that come from outside.  All of us crowd around the window and then we find there’s a huge flying saucer.  I think it’s supposed to be some sort of UFO.

Apparently Grandpa is part of an organization that fights aliens.  He presses a button on the side of the fireplace and then a bunch of machinery flips over from the other side.  He goes out and prepares to battle off the alien invasion.

Meanwhile Metal Arm grabs my wrist and then pulls me out the back door.  We run down a shortcut path from my house to escape.

We’ve been running for a while down pitch black streets.

Metal Arm tackles me to the ground and then tells me to stay down and be quiet.

We’re behind a bunch of bushes, but below are some holes where the bark is bare of leaves.  We watch clusters of feet approach the area in the road.  The bushes are behind the sidewalk and the feet are on the other side.

We see aliens and they talk in their native tongue that we don’t understand.  We also see a bunch of humans’ handcuffed together in a line.  The second one in line is Grandpa.

The aliens continue to talk in their tongue.

An alien uses a ray gun to zap the first person in line.  That person turns into a man-eating machine/robot.  The alien points the ray gun to Grandpa.

I think I start to scream at them, but Metal Arm covers my mouth.


The scene fades to black and then changes:

We’re now in front of a stadium, a football one, I think.

A gigantic UFO is levitating above the stadium.

The aliens are capturing more humans using a large suction ray that spits light at the bottom of the UFO.  When it zaps anyone, it turns them into robots.  The aliens are making an army of robots.

People run away from the stadium, screaming and falling over each other.

I see Grandpa.  I think he’s already transformed into a robot/machine.  I don’nt know how I recognized him.

I break away from Metal Arm, who calls after me, saying something along the lines of: “what’re you doing, idiot?”

I reach for Grandpa.  He points a gun (that is his hand) at me.  I move around it and hug him.

After a few moments, Metal Arm catches up to us.

Grandpa drops his arms.

Lights surround him in a beautiful and epic, but also cheesy way, and then he turns completely human again.

He embraces me and then mutters, “thank you,” multiple times.

I think I ball out of joy that he’s back to normal.

Apparently the hug magic turned the gun that was his hand into a serum that’ll turn everyone back from robots/alien slaves back into normal humans.

We load a few guns with the serum and then Grandpa tells Metal Arm and me to stay here to cure the robot-changed-humans that still wander on earth.

Now there’re other humans that have come out of hiding and are now fighting against the alien forces with the serum at their disposal.

Grandpa says he’s going on the ship to take the alien “bosses” down.

Metal Arm and I both protest, but he won’t listen.

The UFO is about to take off.

Grandpa hops onto the walk on platform as it starts to lift up into the sky and close.

Metal Arm and I glance at each other and then to the other humans fighting and curing everyone else.  We look back up to the closing walking platform, smile, and then jump up onto and through the door on the UFO just before it closes.