Dream Log Post #5 + #6

Dream Log Post #5:

I was somewhere in the middle of a room with four other people.  I don’t remember their race, gender, etc.

We were fighting against a boss-villain.

Enemy minions start to attack us.  They shoot something at us and then there’s a flash of light.

Once the light has died down, my comrades and I have these green tentacle things dangling from our foreheads.  There’s an eye on our foreheads where the tentacles are attached.

We start to attack each other.

I don’t remember what happens next, but now we’re up on a street sidewalk and those tentacle things are off of us.  We start to attack the enemy together again.

I think we beat the enemy because then we look up into the sky to the stars.  Everything is peaceful, but then a flaming UFO falls from the sky.  It crashes before us and then green aliens ascend to the sky, making their own communication noises.


Dream Log Post #6:

I’m running from evil people and come to a deserted red building.  Some of the red bricks have decayed, but the building still stands.

I go inside and find the man I’ve been looking for.  We hide and wait until the chasers pass.

Once it turns dark, we sneak up to another deserted building.

We open the creaking door and then step inside.

Footsteps echo as they approach us.

We tip-toe-run across the building where there are stairs and then windows before them.

We hop out the windows just as the footsteps reach us.

The man with me is crouched just below the window and I’m crouched underneath another window a few feet away from him.

The pursuer opens the window just above him.  He closes his eyes.

I jump into the window a few feet away and then make a thumping sound as I land inside.

The pursuer stops opening the window, turns, and heads in the direction of the thumping noise I just made instead.

I quickly hop back out the window closest to me and come back to my ally’s side.  Together we enter the window and carefully run up the stairs.


The scene changes:

There’s a man that has a small girl tied up and he is torturing her.

When he turns his back to her, she rips herself out of the rope around her that she’d untied while he was preoccupied with torturing her.  She lunges at him and then kicks him in the nuts.  She does some martial art moves, punches him, and then kicks him some more.

He catches her foot, twists it, and then breaks it.  He says something to her and then she yells something back while glaring at him.

He forces her to the ground, takes a blade and then begins cutting her legs off just below the knees.

She screams and then blood continues to gush out of her dismembered legs.

My ally and I burst through the door.

The creepy man does something to my male companion.  I don’t remember what, but he’s not beside me anymore.  Maybe he was pushed out the window.

I attack the man, but then the scene changes and I’m tied up on the floor next to the girl.  My hands are tied to my side so they’re fairly close to my knees.  I’m wearing long-ish shorts that cover my knees.

The man stands, walks over to the window while holding his hands behind him, and then starts monologing about something.

He walks over to me, kneels, takes his knife, and then prepares to cut through my legs below my knees.

He stabs the knife below my knee that’s covered by my shorts and something sprays out and hits him square in the eyes.

He screams and stumbles backwards.

The other girl hops up and hides behind a couch.  Apparently she’s just grown a new pair of legs.

I lift up my shorts to above my knees which reveals packages of acid that’re attached to my knees by duct tape.

I somehow free myself from the rope, stand, grab the man, and then push him towards the window where he trips over one of his contraptions and then he falls out the window.

Me and the girl look out the window and see that he’s fallen and cracked his skull on the sidewalk with blood oozing out.

We look slightly to our right and see my man partner holding onto the ledge of the window.  We help him up.