Dream Log Post #8

There was me and a group of other people.  We were all in a large prison very much like the setup from Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Boiling Rock episode.  It was a prison for people with super powers.

At first it seemed like I was the only normal/non-super-powered prisoner.

For some reason we’re all released outside into a prison courtyard where a man, wearing a blue-green top hot and a blue-green tuxedo and dress pants stands waiting for us.  I think he’s recruiting a rebellion or something.  He shows us that he’s a teleporter.

Some person (Man #1) charges at him and then throws an arm at him, but the top-hat man catches his punch.

Man #1 blinks as if he’s surprised that Top Hat Man caught it.

Top Hat wiggles his index finger while still holding Man #1’s hand with his other and says something like not only is he a teleporter, but he also has the power to suppress other’s abilities when he’s around.  He kills him.  Top Hat then lines everyone in a line, all cuffed to each other.

At the front of the line is a boy that I’m apparently close to (Friend #1).  Top Hat tries to recruit him to his side or something.  Friend 1 spits into his face.  Top Hat grabs a butcher knife out of thin air and then raises it to slice is neck in half, but I somehow wasn’t cuffed up like everyone else.

I tackle Top Hat to the ground.

Two of Top Hat’s goons reach to pull me off, but Friend #1 knocks me out of the way and then tells me to run.  I hesitate at first, but then he clasps my hand with both of his.  I feel a strange tingling sensation run through my palms.  Before I know what happens, he helps me get a head start by kicking me forward and away.

I somehow evade the rest of Top Hat’s cronies and then end up on the top floor of a winding tower with large glass windows.

Then I hear footsteps stampede up the stairs towards me.  I quickly scan my surrounding and I can only think of escaping by climbing out a window.  Right as I’m half way out the window, a croon spots me, yells, and then charges straight towards me.  I lose my balance and fall out and down the window.

I must be thirty stories up.  For some reason I see something that looks like a ghost that also looks like Friend #1.

Now I’m floating midair.

I fly back and then land on the roof above the courtyard.  I peer above a chimney to see Top Hat continue to go down the line, slaughtering people.

I see Friend #1 lying on the ground with a lake of blood around him.

I somehow realize that my Friend #1 knew I had a special ability when I thought I didn’t.  I have come to realization that I can absorb other’s abilities without draining them.  I can absorb more than one ability.

A Hispanic girl towards the end of the line and towards the back spots me and motions me with her head to come to her while constantly glancing back in front of her to make sure Top Hat isn’t looking her way.

“What?” I whisper.

“I can teleport,” she tells me.

“Okay . . . and how does that help us when he suppresses abilities?”

“I’m for Friend #1’s friend.  He told me about your ability to absorb other powers.  If that’s true, then you should have absorbed his power when he caught your fist.”

“His power was to suppress other abilities . . . .”

Girl #1 nods.

“Can you teleport everyone out of here?”

“As long as we all hold hands or are in contact with each other, yes.”

I nod and then glance up to Top Hat slaughtering a child.  I return my attention back to Girl #1.

“I’ll distract him while you pass the word down the line to the others to stay connected.”

She nods and then nods her head toward the boy next to her—must’ve been her younger brother.  He holds his hand out to me.  I glance at Girl #1.

“What’s his power?” I ask.

“You’ll find out,” she says.

I take her little brother’s hand and feel energy run through my body.  I slowly stand and then make my way towards Top Hat.

He turns in my direction and then smirks.  His two goons start to make their way towards me, but he calls them off and motions for me to come closer.

Once I’m around five feet in front of him, he just smiles and waits.

I have no idea what I’m doing, but then I punch him.  He catches my fist, but then his smirk fades and he goes flying across the courtyard.  He lands against the cement wall.

I look at my hands and then glance back to Girl #1 and her brother.  Her brother apparently had super strength.  I nod to them and then she teleports everyone.

They all begin to disappear down the line.

The boy behind me grabs my shoulder so I don’t get left behind.

We end up in the middle of a field and I’m beside Girl #1.

We officially introduce ourselves.  She tells me that she wasn’t able to get everyone back and that she’s going back to get the others.  I tell her I’ll go with her.

We teleport back.

She grabs the hand of a person at the end of the line.

I glance over my shoulder.

Just as Girl #1 teleports everyone back, Top Hat grabs onto a boy at the end and then teleports back with us.