Dream Log Posts #9 + #10

Dream Log Post #9:

I’m in the middle of defeating a great evil along with a few friends to aid me.

There are three very small and rounded creatures with distinct features.  One creature is green and white and looked almost looked like a frog with a white gemstone in the center of its head.  The second creature is blue with tiny red gemstones all over its body and then one large gemstone in the center of its forehead.  The third creature is a pinkish-purple and blue.  It has one blue tail that splits into two tails.  Each end has a red gemstone in it.

The dream pans over to me and the group of people fighting some kind of evil force, but I don’t remember what it is exactly.  I think we had been winning, but then something happened and now we’re losing.

Out of nowhere these creatures pop in.

The green one morphs into this old, white-bearded man with a mahogany staff that is twisted at the top.  He is dressed in lime green wizard robes with long, flowing sleeves.  He has green eyes and goes around healing people in my group.

The pink/purple and blue one turns into a young female warrior.  She has white armor with pink bits embedded between armor plates.  Her navel is showing and she holds a hilt of a sword, but the blade is made completely of fire.  She charges into battle.

I think some time passed and then the blue creature pops in like the others had through a flash of white light.  The blue creature turns into a young guy with blue hair and blue eyes.  He also wears armor—blue as its base and a white chest plate.  He unsheathes a sword with a wide white/gray blade that kills off a few enemies.  Then he dodges something by doing a backflip.  He hears the pink/purple friend scream.  He mutters a sentence of swear words and then lifts his sword up.  He holds it horizontally with one hand.  With his other hand, he runs it over the blade until his fingertips reach the blade’s tip.

The sword begins to glow blue and then lightning shoots out of its tip.  It goes into the center of the evil dude’s chest and then exits out the back between his shoulder blades.  The evil dude falls off a cliff and dies (I assume).  The blue sword bearer then lifts one foot and presses off with the other.  He sprints at inhuman speed into the sky and then catches the girl just before she falls into a rocky pit.

The scene changes:

Now the pink/purple armored female is carrying the half-dead blue warrior.  She is completely healed and doesn’t have a scratch on her.  She lays him on a flat rock covered in moss.  Close to them the girl’s fire sword is stuck into some other evil dude’s head detached from the rest of his body.  The girl and boy wait for the healer to come.


Dream Log Post #10:

An old man (I think he’s supposed to be my dad, but not the one I have in real life) comes home and then shuts all the shutters/blinds.  My mom (who is also not my mom in real life) asks what’s going on.  I think I also have a younger sibling, but I don’t remember if it was a brother or a sister.  Maybe it was one of each.

My father says we’re under attack from something and that he’s going to go over to a shelter or something to make sure the rest of the village is safe.  For whatever reason me and my younger sibling (s) come with him instead of staying behind like my mother.

We come to the end of a gravel path that leads to a small house with decayed wood and a tatty roof and door.  When we enter, I realize that it is a lot bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.

We’re now in a room with children and no adults, but then a man from another room enters this room through a door because he wants to be with his children.

My father gets angry and tells him to go back into the other room.  The enemy will come if parents are in the same room as their children.  (Yeah, I don’t get it either.  I’m in the same room with him . . . maybe he’s not my actual parent in the dream….  Or maybe it’s just the case for the other man and his family).

The door creeks open and then something that looks like dense smoke crawls into the room making a buzzing noise.

When I look closer, I realize that the smoke consists of many tiny flying and buzzing insects, but they aren’t bees or flies.  They look more like steel-like and yet still, animal-like creatures.  They are made of gold.

My father swears and then does something (I don’t remember what) to clear a path and then suddenly everyone is outside the tattered cabin.  There are now masses of smoked steel insects flying above the forest trees and splitting up into different groups to attack each family.

Suddenly each family is floating on chunks of earth levitating in midair and flying up into the sky.  The steel insects surround everyone.

Now, apparently, I’m flying above everyone and shooting something out of my palms (I don’t remember what).

My sibling (s) is/are doing the same thing (s), but it’s still different than mine.

I’m not sure what happens next other than everyone is back on the ground safe, except now I’m spiraling down to the ground, unconscious.