A Perfect Murder Movie Review

Review by: dancingonrain.


When a husband finds out his wife is cheating, normally he would be devastated.  Not Steven Taylor (Michael Douglas).  With Steven’s financial business plummeting, he sees his wife Emily’s (Gwenyth Paltrow) affair as an opportunity to get rid of her and inherit her millions of dollars for himself.  After learning about Emily’s lover David shady past (Viggo Mortensen), Mr. Taylor hires him to murder his wife.  Steven Taylor has thought out every detail for it to be the perfect murder.  It couldn’t possibly go wrong . . . too bad he didn’t think of everything.

While this movie started off a little slow and I didn’t understand everyone’s motivations, by the end of the movie, I understood where the characters were coming from more or less.  For example, David says he loves Emily, but clearly doesn’t love her enough since he goes through with Steven’s plan.  He’s more concerned with saving himself rather than actually being in love with her.  That didn’t make sense to me.  But by the end, I understood that David cared more about the money than anything else.  How incredibly similar to Steven.  As for the rest of the characters, there were a few plot holes in their motivations I thought could have been worked out more, but all-in-all I enjoyed the movie.

To be honest, I was a little skeptical of this movie at first.  I normally don’t watch this type of movie and I figured it would basically be the same-old-same-old set up.  It wasn’t.  At least not to me (although, I did just say I haven’t seen many in this genre either lol).  I mean it did have some of the similar aspects you would expect a murder mystery couldn’t do without.

By the end of the movie I was convinced that all three main characters were sociopaths from the start.  Even the victim.

I found it funny how I went into this movie thinking I wouldn’t like Emily all too well.  She seemed kind of bland to me.  They all kind of did, but I think that works because in the end they all acted like sociopaths (to an extent) anyway.  At least they all had a similar mindset to one.

While this movie did have its flaws, most films do.  I still enjoyed it and would definitely watch it again . . . when I have time.