Batman vs. Superman Movie Review

Review by: dancingonrain.

Where to begin?  No, really, I’m not sure how to write a synopsis for this movie.  There were so many different story lines in the movie that it seemed like the writers and director didn’t know which one they wanted to stick to.

I guess an accurate way to describe the movie would be: Batman thought Superman was a threat to humanity so now he needed to end him before things get worse.  I understood that was what the movie tried to show, but that mentality didn’t really make much sense when Batman spent half the movie murdering people and even dreaming about slaughtering them.  The excuse “but they were criminals and/or bad people,” doesn’t work because Superman didn’t intentionally kill innocent people, he fought criminals and bad people / aliens too so Batman’s motivation didn’t make any sense to me.

I take full responsibility going to the movie even after I had heard from a few people it wasn’t as great as they’d hoped it would’ve been.  But seriously.  Were the writers and director even trying?  The acting was great and the actors did well with what they could despite lazy writing.

Throughout the movie I bantered with one of my friends.  Questions often included some variation of:

  • . . . .   What?
  • Are you serious?
  • What’s happening now?
  • Are we still in a dream or is this reality again?
  • How does that make any sense?
  • Because convenience.
  • Because magic.

The character motivations were unclear most of the time, especially Bruce / Batman’s, and, like I mentioned before, it honestly seemed like the writers and directors didn’t know which story or plot line to choose so they just meshed them all together and hoped for the best.  For example, why did Batman hate Superman?  In one of the scenes in the beginning, it showed Bruce helping innocent bystanders fleeing in terror from the destruction Superman was creating while fighting Zod.  Is that why Bruce was angry with Superman?  Because he was endangering innocent human lives?  If that were the case, why did Batman spend the rest of the movie branding and murdering people?  Just because you’re Batman, doesn’t automatically give you the right to murder.  That’s what villains do.  You’re doing the exact same thing that was supposed to motivate you to hate Superman.  Does anyone know what the word hypocrite means?

The movie began with young Bruce losing his parents.  The gun that killed them was emphasized, but then Batman spent the rest of the movie going around shooting people with guns.  I may not have read the comics, but I was always under the impression that Batman didn’t kill because he had witnessed his parents’ murders and because of that he didn’t want to become the same kind of person that killed his family.  The scene showed how traumatic his parents’ deaths were for him, but then fast forward to present day and he was going around branding criminals and running them over with the batmobile.  That batmobile has license plates, right?  It’s supposed to.  Hope nobody lived and saw them.  Bye bye secret identity.  Who cares if they were evil henchman or not?  If you’re upset with Superman for similar reasons, then you can’t go around doing the same thing he is.  You can’t say it’s different so it’s okay because you’re Batman or some other nonsense.  You can’t say one thing and then do the opposite.  There’s a word for that.  Hypocrite.

This wasn’t Batman vs. Superman, it was psychotic sociopath vs. super-powered alien.

The movie had mentioned something along the lines of if a hero is a hero long enough, eventually they can turn bad, but during the movie we never saw Bruce while he was good.  We saw him already down that dark path.  I wasn’t sure what triggered him to go down that dark path.  It was probably for reasons previously stated and either way, it still didn’t work.

There were also so many dream sequences throughout this movie that sometimes I lost track of what was a dream and what was reality.  The dreams didn’t make much sense.  Unless they were going to show a big reveal of how all the dreams related in the end, like in the movie Inception, but they didn’t, what was the point of those dreams?  There wasn’t one.  Other than to show us Batman fighting just for the sake of fighting.  I like fight scenes, but I also like there to be a point to them.

Another aspect that didn’t make sense to me was:  why would Bruce have dreamed about a memory that only Lois Lane and Superman would have had?  Bruce had never been in the desert area with Superman and Lois so why would he be dreaming about it in the first place?  I suppose he could have read it in the newspaper somewhere, but to get every detail about the surroundings the same?  Not much sense there either.

I also didn’t understand why Lois Lane went to fish the spear of kryptonite out of the water to help Batman, Superman, and Wonderwoman against Doomsday when she hadn’t had contact with them while they discussed how to defeat the enemy.  Since that was the case, how would she have known to go back to get it?  Magic, I guess.

Also, apparently Batman is immune to everything.  There were so many times in the movie where he should have been fatally injured or dead, even.  But no.  You could use the excuse that he’s Batman, but he’s not a super powered person.  He is a human being, which the writers and director seemed to forget off and on.  This movie wasn’t Batman vs. Superman, it was Superman 1 vs. Superman 2.

This movie was a clear set up for the Justice League, but, like I said before, the whole movie was a mess.  If they wanted to set up the Justice League, they should have made Batman vs. Superman a separate movie and then have done separate movies for each of the main Justice League members.  And then, after all that, do a movie to set up the Justice League.  Like how Marvel had done.  It’s like the people who liked the D.C.  franchise panicked because the Marvel universe is doing so well so now that they’re trying to rush everything to catch up instead of taking baby steps to set up everything well.

And why did Superman and Batman’s mothers have the same name?  Martha.  If that’s not convenience I don’t know what is.  Not to mention I didn’t believe that could make Batman lose all his anger and not want to fight Superman anymore just because their mothers had the same name.  So what you’re telling me is, if you’re a criminal, the next time Batman is going to kick your butt, all you’ll have to do is tell him that your mother’s name is Martha and he’ll automatically back off and let you walk free.  Okay, got it.  Well, that would make as much sense as the rest of the movie anyway.

Also, how can Batman even move in that new outfit?

While the movie was sloppy, the actors did a great job.  Their acting was good and you could tell they worked with what little they had to utilize.  It was not their fault; they were just there to deliver and act the lines out that other people wrote.  If they end up doing another movie, I would suggest hiring a different behind-the-scenes staff to avoid another train wreck like this.

To be honest, I didn’t realize Jesse Eisenburg was Lex Luthor at first.  He’s the last person I would have thought to be cast as Lex Luthor.  While I thought his acting was decent (and much better than the writing), the whole thing just felt awkward.

This movie also felt like it forced a lot of one-liners.  It felt like the writers wanted this movie to be known for their one-liners rather than the movie in general.  Good one-liners only work for me if the movie is also good, which, unfortunately, it wasn’t.

Like I mentioned earlier, one aspect that the movie did well were the fight scenes.  If you cared nothing about plot or character development and just wanted to mindlessly watch fight scenes and explosions, then by all means, watch this movie, but if you’re expecting it to be anything like the Dark Knight Trilogy, I’ve got some bad news for you.

If you really want to see the movie anyway, I would suggest waiting until it is out of the theaters.  Save your money from watching it in the theater and just wait until it’s on DVD or Netflix or even online.