Captain America: Civil War Movie Review


Review by: dancingonrain.

Okay, this movie was leagues better than Batman vs. Superman (no I’m not a biased Marvel fan, I like both Marvel and D.C.).  The plotting was more organized and never once did I have to question once whether or not the scene took place in reality.  The special effects were great and most of the character’s motivations made sense.

First off, I would just like to say, I LOVED Spiderman.  He had gotten some backlash from his appearance in the trailer for being too young, but I rather enjoyed him.  His scenes were actually my favorite.  And honestly without Spiderman or Antman, there would have been close to no humor in this movie.  I love epic action and dark scenes, but I also enjoy a comedic scene here and there as well to balance it out.  I think this Spiderman was the best version of the character so far and the actor did well too.  Not only this, but during the airport fight scene, the movie gave each of the characters good, quality fight scenes.  I enjoyed how Warmachine, Falcon, and some of the other minor characters got more action screen time as well.

One thing I was uncertain of though was that I always thought that Captain America was the type of person who wouldn’t mercilessly kill someone so was he trying to kill Spiderman?  He used his shield to knock the huge, dense crate on top of Spiderman.  He caught it and held it up, but last time I checked Captain America had never fought him before so how could he have possibly known that Spiderman would be able to hold the crate up and not be squashed like a bug instead?  Dead.  I assume it was because the movie wanted to show Spiderman’s strength, but it also sort of came off as Captain America trying to kill him.  That was another thing.

There were no stakes.  Or at least, they weren’t as high as I thought they needed to be or as the movie trailer had presented them to be.  While I enjoyed the fight scenes, it was also quite clear that they had no real intention of killing each other (assuming what I explained about Captain America vs. Spiderman is true) until the end when Tony went after Captain America and Bucky after discovering that Bucky killed his parents while Hydra had been controlling him.  That motivation made sense, but it also felt a little convenient.  The characters even went as far to say that they were “holding their punches.”  If they weren’t actually upset with each other to that high-stake point, what was the point of putting the fight in?  . . . .  Doesn’t matter because it was awesome!

Another aspect of the movie I wasn’t entirely sure about would be Tony’s motivation for wanting to go against Captain America.  For one thing, it made Tony seem like a bit of a hypocrite.  Tony met one person whose life was destroyed by Scarlet Witch’s mistake and now he wants the Avengers to have restrictions so they don’t endanger anymore innocent lives when he was the one who basically created Ultron in a previous movie.  Ultron, who was responsible for killing thousands of lives.

Overall there were a few blips here and there some of which I mentioned, but this movie is well worth my time.