The Passengers Movie Review

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Review by: Dancingonrain.

5,000 passengers are in a deep, suspended sleep through space for hundreds of years to a destination to a “paradise planet,” but then the space ship’s technology malfunctions and eventually leaves two passengers, Jim and Aurora, played by Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, awakened on this ship 90 years before the ship is supposed to reach its destination.  It’s a story about how these two survivors learn to live as the only two awake people on the ship and how they eventually fall for each other despite the spaceship’s continual malfunctions.

I know I’m in the minority, but, by the movie’s end, I didn’t think it was as terrible as most of the critics out there had said it was.  I don’t know whether this was partly because right before the movie started, my brother went over the reviews online and rotten tomatoes and everything told him that this movie was god-awful so, since I believed the movie was going to be a terrible disaster going into it, I subconsciously lowered my standards so I actually didn’t find the movie awful or if it was because I’m just a weirdo, who liked it.  Or maybe I’m just biased because I like Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.

I’ve heard other critics complain that there was nothing new about this movie compared to other ones like it in the past and that the movies similar to this one were better.  In my case, I had never really seen any other movies similar to The Passengers before so I didn’t run into the problem of ‘it’s been done before,’ or, ‘it’s nothing new.’

That being said, there were definitely plot holes and inconsistencies throughout the movie.  At one point Jim says that they’re now 88 years away from the destination, but in the following scene, Aurora says they’re 90 years away from their destination.

There were other pitfalls such as Chris Pratt being a little bit of a creeper, and I don’t want to say anything too much further into it in case you actually do decide to watch the movie, but the trailer for the movie does leave out one crucial detail, a detail that most people hated, but I actually liked because I thought they were going to do something with the character with it, but they didn’t, or they tried, but it definitely wasn’t as strong as it should have been.

Despite its weaknesses, I thought the visual effects weren’t bad, especially a swimming pool scene and when they were flying close to a star.

And I won’t give anything away, but I did find it unfortunate that there weren’t any long-term consequences for Jim’s actions.  Towards the end of the movie you start to think, “yup, this is it; he’s going to redeem himself by–” nope.  Didn’t go with that direction.

There was also a point in the movie where the Captain of the ship wakes up.  He tells you it’s because his pod malfunctioned, but it’s very obvious that it was more for the convenience of the story than anything.  They honestly probably could have cut this character and found a different way to present what they wanted to without losing any of the story line.

If you are interested in this movie, I’ll just give you a heads up that this movie is slow paced. Its pace does pick up here and there and in the ending, but for the most part, it’s slow-paced.  Like a slow episode of The Walking Dead pace or maybe slower  (I also don’t mind those slow-paced episodes though so . . . .)  I personally wasn’t bothered by it.  Once I realized that was the pace it was going to be, I adjusted to it.

Overall, I didn’t hate the movie like many of the critics did.  I actually liked it, but I also went into it with somewhat lower expectations after reading some reviews.  I also thought they definitely could have done more with the movie and maybe should have taken it in a different direction at times, but all-in-all it wasn’t terrible as long as you were willing to overlook some of the plot holes and inconsistencies and other things (spoilers).  If you’re interested in checking this movie out, but still aren’t sure, you probably could just wait until it was out of theaters and then make your decision about it.  I had gotten a chance to see it at a discounted price so I thought, why not?