A Dog’s Purpose (Audible) by Bruce Cameron and Narrated by George K. Wilson

Review by: dancingonrain.


This was an adorable, creative, but also sad book from a dog’s point of view.  Every time he died, he was reborn as a puppy with a new story, life, and sometimes owner.  He had many names and was reborn as both a male dog and a female dog so for the sake of the review, I’m going to choose one of his names and stick with it, Bailey.  In one life he was a simple household dog and in another life he was a police dog, etc.

It was quite interesting to go through the hardships people and the relationships they have with one another and face on a daily basis or even a yearly basis through a set of our loving, furry friend’s point of view.

While I don’t think it’s the best book I’ve ever read, I still thought it was well done, especially for being in a dog’s point of view.  I never once questioned during the entire book that I was in a dog’s mind.

This book was written in a very simplistic way and yet I still found myself still entertained about it.  Despite the simplicity of the prose and point of view, there were still some dark parts throughout the book that would probably keep most people intrigued.

If you love dogs, their ability to love unconditionally no matter what, and you’re looking for a different kind of book, than I would give this book a shot.  It was a quick listen for audible and it would probably be a quick read too.



Finding Dory Movie Review

Review by: dancingonrain.


Finding Dory takes place a year after Finding Nemo did.  Dory is now having flashbacks to her childhood where she was with her mother and father.  The adventure begins as Marlin and Nemo both embark on Dory’s quest to find her parents that she may or may not remember.

Like all Disney/pixar movies, the animation was amazing.

The story and characters picked up right after where the original movie left off.  It had its happy and sad moments and was definitely worth my time seeing, however, it wasn’t as well put together as Finding Nemo.  There were some points in the movie that I felt jumped around or felt choppy, but, for the most part, this was an entertaining, cute movie.

I did like all the references they made to the first movie, but it also didn’t necessarily add much to the movie.  Finding Dory’s storyline was basically the same storyline as Finding Nemo’s, but with its own twists here and there.  While the movie was pretty predictable, I did enjoy the new characters such as the octopus (or septapus), Hank.  He was actually probably my favorite character in the movie.  As a character, he started off as kind of a jerk, but as the movie progressed, we saw that he’s more than just a jerk-character, he was actually three-dimensional, which, when you think about it after his motivations after the “Touching Pool” scene is actually kind of sad.  That whole character arc and pool scene made me feel bad for and understand him more.  This is something movies meant for the older age groups sometimes lack.  Having a jerk-character have more dimensions than just being another jerk.

I felt this movie catered more to the adult (20-30 years old) demographic because this group would have been children when Finding Nemo first come out.  For example, there were a few scenes like the one at the “Touching Pool” where I thought it was actually more of a horror-like scene and some children may not have liked it.  But since it was Disney/Pixar, they realized that there would be children going to the movie too, so they did put in scenes from Finding Nemo, or at least explained the premise of the first movie in case the children hadn’t seen that one going into Finding Dory.

The after credits scene was a nice take back to Finding Nemo where we got to see past characters like Gil, but it was also like a “not again,” feeling, which wasn’t bad; just funny, but sad at the same time.  You mean to tell me that those fish from the dentist’s office have been in those plastic bags they escaped the room from for a year and are still alive?  It was still a ha-ha moment anyway though.

All-in-all, although Finding Dory did feel choppy at some points and wasn’t as good as Finding Nemo, it was still a good movie and well worth my time.