Kubo and the Two Strings Movie Review

Review by: dancingonrain.

Kubo had his eye taken from him when he was a baby.  Now, a few years older, his mother’s sisters come to claim Kubo’s other eye for their father.  Only after Kubo finds the legendary armor his mother once spoke of will he be strong enough to withstand his enemies and defeat them.  Along the way Kubo befriends a monkey and a beetle who join his quest to help him.  Kubo must not only find this legendary armor, but learn to hone his magical abilities as well–one ability which involves bringing origami to life.  Despite all the hardship Kubo has endured over the years, he’s also only ever wanted to have a complete family and  by the end of the movie, you hope that he can have it all too.

Wow.  Just wow.  This movie is breath taking and definitely a step up from Laika’s other movie, The Boxtrolls.  This movie definitely has a little bit more mature content (and some fight scenes), but it’s also told and shown in a way where children could probably understand it as well.  They might be a little creeped out by Kubo’s mother’s sisters, who are two of the main antagonists, but I was creeped out by them too and I’m an adult.  Haha.

Laika’s animation has always been amazing to begin with, but in this movie, even more so.  I put off seeing this movie because I was afraid I might be a little disappointed (for whatever reason that was I have no idea), but I was far from disappointed.  It exceeded my expectations.  It’s one of those movies where you really do have to listen and watch and pay attention to every little thing that is shown or said in order to understand every little thing that is happening, but at the same time, if your attention darts away for a second, you’ll still be able to put the pieces together eventually anyway.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone interested.  It’s almost two hours long, but it’s totally worth it.  This movie is worth your time to see.  It’ll definitely be worth your money.