The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins Book Review

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Review by: Dancingonrain.

Rachel takes the train to and from work every day, but then, one day she sees something from her seat while the train is passing a neighborhood. Something that is not normal.

This book lived up to its hype. I usually don’t read that many literary novels because I can never really get into them, at least not in the same way that I can a fantasy/action novel.  I’ve always found literary works dry, but that was not the case with this book.

The characterizations was good. It was done so well that I barely noticed it while I was reading it, and by the end you’re like, “Of course that’s who it was,” or, “Of course that’s what would happen,” or something along those lines.

And when I finally started to realize the direction things were headed and who the culprit was, I got “chills” that were shortly followed by me humming in my head, “I know who did it. I know who did it!” 😀

I loved the book and while I don’t want to talk about it in depth in fear that I’ll give too much away, I would recommend it if you like darker material, give this book a shot.  I would have finished it in one-sitting if I didn’t have other commitments.  It is a murder mystery.