Kim Possible TV Show Review


Review by: dancingonrain


Kim Possible was a show about a high-school cheerleader who also happened to save the world from villains in her free time.  At her side were her best friend, Ron Stoppable and his naked mole rat, Rufus, and Wade, a tech whiz.  Together they aided her on her missions.  When she wasn’t saving the world, she had to learn to deal with the typical issues a normal teenager faced.

Last month it was my birthday and to celebrate I watched this show to see if I still enjoyed the program now and much as I did when I was a kid.  I have always preferred to watch every episode in order so the process took a while, but, in the end, I realized I did enjoy the series just as much now and maybe even more than I did when I was a kid, because I could pick up on some of the jokes and subtleties better.

It is a shame that there aren’t more kid shows like this playing now-a-days.

The characterization in this show was well done, even for the villains.  The way they were able to create two villains that paralleled Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable was spot on.

Dr. Draken, an evil (wannabe) mad scientist whose whole motivation was to take over the world, was one of those characters who always tried so hard, but then never succeeded.  Of if he did succeed, it was often from dumb luck, much like Kim Possible’s side-kick, Ron.  Draken’s henchwoman, Shego, acted as his body guard and provided the muscle to his schemes, something I don’t remember seeing all too often when in television shows when I was younger.  That is, until Avatar: The Last Airbender came out, but that’s another review for another time.

The villain, Monkey Fist, was part monkey and part human, but aspired to be a full monkey, who also eventually turned out to be Ron Stoppable’s arch foe.  Every time Monkey Fist laughed, it sounded similar to a monkey.  These were just a few of the villains the show produced.  Not only did each one have great characterization, most had their own theme songs too.

All the characters, including the villains, were three-dimensional with their own quirks, motivations, and flaws.  Villains, while criminals are still human (unless they’re psychopaths) so the writers did well not to forget to give the characters redeeming qualities too.

This show not only had a strong female protagonist, but also a dorky sidekick who wasn’t ripped with thick layers of muscle.  Ron Stoppable was Kim Possible’s best friend and unlike Kim, he was clumsy and well, stoppable, and yet his dumb luck still made them a great team.  Throughout the show, we saw their ups and their downs and despite that, the strength of their friendship still shined.  We saw them both get big-headed and self-centered and treat each other horribly, but then, in the end, they always realized their mistake and made up.  What I liked about this show was that they eventually ended up together as a couple, which showed its young viewers that if you’re yourself, you can find anyone.  The show even goes so far as making Kim tell Ron that he has nothing to worry about because she likes that he’s weird.  Even the two shallowest characters in the show, Bonnie and Junior, ended up together.  I also appreciated the fact that Ron wasn’t a tall, buff character, and yet, Kim Possible, an athlete and someone who constantly saved the world, desired him, not because of the thickness of his muscles, nor the size of his brain, and not even his short stature, but because she loved him for him.  And in the end, everyone knows that’s what’s going to last in a relationship in the long run.

My consensus:  I still love this show and will probably continue to watch it from time to time over the years.  If you have never seen this show, you’ve probably been living under a rock, but I recommend anyone interested check it out.  You will be rewarded.